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Sonnet Fusion SATA Drives

Sonnet Fusion 500P
from £699 ex VAT for 1.25TB

Sonnet Fusion 500PSonnet’s Fusion 500P 5-bay Serial ATA (SATA) drive enclosure combines support for the fastest SATA drives with hot-swap versatility in a package built for performance. Fusion 500P is compact, but its small footprint will make a big impression—with its powerful built-in universal power supply, it is a great solution for anyone looking to store large amounts of data in a little package.

Key Features

One Cable to Connect Them All
Fusion 500P employs a high performance SATA II port multiplier to manage the enclosed drives and connects to a SATA host controller card through a single port*—connect up to 5 drives to your computer with just a single eSATA cable! Auto-negotiation for 3Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s drives guarantees no switches, jumpers, or control panels need to be set, so installation is as simple as securing the drives to the trays.

Maximum Flexibility
With support for 3 Gb/s drives and backward compatibility with 1.5 Gb/s drives, you’ll get maximum flexibility in drive choice for years to come. The five hot-swap drive trays offer great freedom for building your own storage solution - you don’t get locked into a specific configuration. Start out with a single drive for simple data storage and then add additional ones as the need arises. Or, fill the enclosure with five drives up to 500GB each to create a huge 2.5 Terabyte striped RAID array -combine two or more for uncompressed 10-bit HD video capture and editing - Fusion 500P is truly versatile. Connect up to four Fusion 500P enclosures to a Tempo SATA E4P or Tempo SATA X4P host controller to create the ultimate storage solution - using today’s highest capacity drives, you’ll have 10TB of data storage at your disposal! Need even more storage space? Pick up additional trays so you can add drives to your arsenal for daily backups or project management.

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*Fusion 500P requires a SATA host controller which supports port multipliers, such as Sonnet's Tempo SATA E4P for computers with PCI Express slots, or Tempo SATA X4P for computers with PCI-X slots. These cost £179 each ex VAT.




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