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Avid VideoRAID

Avid VideoRAID

Fail-safe high-performance disk arrays with Ultra320 SCSI interconnect

Prices start from £2,600 ex VAT *

Please contact us regarding your exact requirements.

Introducing Avid VideoRAID RTR320 and RTR320X disk arrays: high-capacity ATA-based Ultra320 SCSI storage solutions for Avid film and video editing systems. Avid VideoRAID systems combine real-time performance, cost-effective ATA drive technology, and the security of fail-safe data protection in the event of a disk drive failure.

Available in a 5-drive tower or a 10-drive 3U rackmount configuration, affordable Avid VideoRAID disk arrays support a wide range of Avid editing systems and software via industry-standard Ultra320 SCSI, while providing the protection of parity Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) technology. High-performance Multi-Stream Technology handles multiple streams of uncompressed SD and HD media with ease. Raw capacity ranges from 1.25 TB to a massive 10 TB per editing system.


  • RTR320: Ultra320 LVD SCSI - 68-pin VHDCI connection
  • RTR320X: Dual channel Ultra320 LVD SCSI - 68-pin VHDCI connection

The Avid-qualified ATTO UL4D, ATTO UL5D, or on-board Ultra320 SCSI on Avid-qualified CPUs is required.


  • RTR320
    • Compact tower enclosure
    • Five (5) removable drive modules –currently available in 250 and 500 GB drive capacities
    • Ultra320 SCSI RAID controller
    • Removable 250-watt power supply
  • RTR320X
    • 19-in, 3U rack-mountable or tower enclosure; rack mount brackets included
    • Ten (10) removable drive modules; currently available in 250 and 500 GB drive capacities. Also available in a half populated configuration with five (5) drives.
    • Four (4) rubber feet for desktop orientation.
    • Two (2) Ultra320 SCSI RAID controllers
    • Redundant, load sharing 250-watt power supplies (hot swappable)

A RAID set contains 5 drives. When a RAID set is created, the usable drive capacity decreases by the capacity of one drive within the set.

Up to four RTR320 or up to two RTR320X units supported per Avid-qualified HP xw8200 or Macintosh G5 CPU.

Supported editing applications

  • Avid Liquid Chrome HD, Avid Liquid Pro, Avid Xpress Pro (with or without Avid Mojo), DS Nitris, MediaComposer Adrenaline, Media Composer Adrenaline HD, NewsCutter Adrenaline, NewsCutter XP (with or without Avid Mojo), Symphony Nitris
  • Supports Avid offline, DV, SD, Avid DNxHD, HDV, HD resolutions
  • Striping requirements vary for each Avid product; click here to see the Drive Striping Tables for your specific product.
  • Drive mechanisms: 3 years
  • Avid VideoRAID enclosure: 3 years
  • Cables and terminators: 90 days

Contact us on 020 8949 8949 or sales@editheaven.co.uk for more information and to buy. *All prices exclude delivery (or configuration and installation, if bought as part of an editing system).

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