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EditShare Shared Storage

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EditShare is an award-winning network storage solution. All video and audio media files are stored in a central location and all all connected workstations can capture, access and share a common pool of media files, while guaranteeing a fast and efficient workflow and, most importantly, the safety of your media files.

EditShare is the first affordable solution for collaborative editing – designed for the industry’s leading NLE products such as Avid Adrenaline, Avid Xpress Pro, Avid Xpress DV, Final Cut Pro, Canopus Edius, Adobe Premiere Pro and Pinnacle Liquid Edition. New version 4 now also supports Avid Meridien systems such as Media Composer and Symphony. Call us on 020 8949 8949 or e-mail us at sales@editheaven.com to discuss the EditShare solution for you.

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Reality Television

Reality Television WorkflowDue to the hectic nature of filming and creating them, reality TV shows need a shared storage solution.

Using multiple lower-cost digitising stations can mean the simple tasks can be handled by lower cost equipment operated by editing assistants. As everything happens in the background, this leaves the craft editors free to concentrate on creating the story.

With all workstations collaborating on the one programme at the same time, a very large amount of content can be created in a very short time.

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Broadcast Production

Broadcast Production WorkflowEditShare is already in use around the world by broadcast professionals.

With decreasing budgets and ever tightening deadlines, productions must have quick and easy workflows to save money and maximise time. The broadcast workflow used with a shared storage solution offers significant benefits for speedy television, corporate or web content.



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Film Production

Film Production WorkflowEditShare is the perfect tool for feature / independent film editors. Film editors were the first to embrace digital editing systems, and were the first to see the workflow benefits of a shared storage solution.

The workflow is simple but very effective in keeping a production on time and on budget.

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Education WorkflowUniversity, college, and schools:

The education market is an excellent place to see the advantage and benefits of EditShare solutions.

The single largest problem associated with media studies is loss of data at critical assessment times. Training facility deadlines could be just as critical as in broadcast environments.

An EditShare server becomes the media hub of the training facility with edit suites, graphic workstations and multimedia systems all using the storage capabilities.



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